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Created 2017-12-28
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Title Cigarette sales cool at Imperial Brands
Description Guidance for the maker of Gauloises and Winston cigarettes remains on track for the full year but management admitted in a trading update that sales in thefirst half had been "driven primarily by a deterioration in industry volumes following strong industry volumes last year" <a href="">Buy Cheap Cigarettes Online</a>.

Imperial said that for the half-year ending in March, the selling price of its cigarettes and the mix of sales from various price points was flat on the prior year.

Management announced in November a plan to invest £300m in 2017 inits "growth and specialist brands divisions" <a href="">Newport Cigarettes Website</a>. The former divisionincludesDavidoff andLambert Butler cigarettes, while the latter includes premium cigars and e-cigarettes.

"The early results of our investment programme are encouraging, with improved market share trends in many of our priority markets," Imperialsaid.

The investment is predominantly being made in the first half, resulting in lower revenue and profit on a constant currency basis <a href="">Buy Cigarettes Online Cheap</a>, but the second half is expected to be stronger.

In January Imperial backed down in the face of a shareholder rebellion against plans for major pay hikes for its top bosses <a href="">Wholesale Tobacco For Newports</a>.

Imperial had planned an increase in the maximum bonus payable to chief executive Alison Cooper, from three-and-a-half times her base salary to a pot four-and-a-half times its size <a href="">Marboro Cigerettes For Sale</a>.<br/>related article :<br/> <a href="">Cheap Cigarettes Belgium</a>
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