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Created 2018-01-01
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Title filtered cigarette production
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Kolkata, March 26 ITC has stopped production of non-filtered cigarettes in the wake of the steep excise hike proposed in the 2008-09 Budget.

A high-level source at ITC confirmed today that the company has stopped production of the non-filter variety recently <a href="">Buy Cheap Cigarettes Online</a>. As of now, ITC has also not increased the prices of its filter cigarettes, the source clarified.

The official also confirmed that the industry players have represented to the Government seeking a review of the excise hike. According to him, at the proposed excise rates, production and sale of low-priced non-filter sticks was unviable <a href="">Discount Cigarettes Online</a>.

New excise rates

For sticks with a length not exceeding 60 mm, it is proposed to raise excise duty to Rs 819 per 1 <a href="">Menthol Cigarettes Brands</a>,000 from Rs 168, and for sticks of over 60 mm, it will be Rs 1,323 per 1,000 from Rs 546.

An appropriate decision would follow after the Government response to the issue, the source added.

Meanwhile, brokerage firm Prabhudas Lilladher, which claimed to have spoken to ITC recently, said in its report that company will try to push non-filter smokers to use filtered cigarettes by cutting the availability of non-filter cigarettes <a href="">Best Menthol Cigarettes</a>. To get the same value from RSFT at Rs 2, the conversion from non-filters needs to be 62 per cent (and if we assume only plains will upgrade to filters <a href="">Cheap Cigarettes Online</a>, conversion needs to be at 88 per cent). With the company stopping production of non-filtered cigarettes, we believe that the average stick price would increase by 9.6 per cent for a new product mix.<br/>related article :<br/> <a href="">Discount Cigarettes Near Me</a>
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