The pencils will be from the first five pages of








A man in a ridiculous looking luchador-type outfit is flying through the air, his cape blowing behind him. A cable can be seen angling above him, but he’s in the foreground. He is blocking the person swinging from it. That person’s feet can be seen sticking out from behind the flying man. A cityscape is in the background of the panel.


CAPTION: “That’s me, right there. Jerry Laker, A.K.A. Wiz Kid. I’m up a few hundred feet above the ground. No, not the guy in the bad luchador costume. See those boots poking out beside him?”



The guy flying has almost exited the panel. The last half of his legs can be seen on the outer edge of the panel. The kid on the cable has been revealed as JERRY LAKER, A.K.A. WIZ KID. He is still swinging from the cable with the city in the background.


CAPTION: “There I am. Pretty awesome, huh?”



This is almost an exact copy of the panel before, only Wiz-Kid is the sole person in the panel. He looks like he’s actually not enjoying swinging around like a hero.


CAPTION: “Oh wait. No it’s not. I’m the sidekick. That’s not awesome at all. Okay, well, sometimes it is. Like right now. See the cable I’m swinging from? It’s my own design. I made that.”



Close-up of Wiz-Kid’s hand gripping the cable. The cable is angled in the panel, Wiz’s hand in the bottom left corner with the cable stretching into the upper right. In the center of the cable, insert a sound effects pop.


CAPTION: “It’s pretty swe--!”










Wiz-Kid falls from the sky, still gripping the snapped cable in one of his hands. His mouth is wide-open, screaming.




Wiz-Kid ends up grabbing the corner of a ledge on the roof of a building. He hangs there looking down.


CAPTION: “That’s my “real” power. Luck. I’m extremely lucky.”



Wiz-Kid pulls himself up from the ledge, his lower body still hanging off of it. He looks up in the sky and yells.


WIZ-KID 1: Yeah! Don’t wait or anything! I’ll catch up!






Close-up of the guy in the luchador costume again. He’s still flying.


CAPTION: “So how’d I get this gig? Well, that guy in the lame costume…that’s my dad, The Dragon.”



The Dragon, LEONARD LAKER, stands in front of an American Flag, which is the background of the whole panel. He’s striking a pose.


CAPTION: “My dad’s actually the greatest hero in the country. Maybe even the world.


CAPTION: “Maybe.”







Zoom-out of the previous panel. The Dragon is still posing in front of the flag, but there are people in suits behind him. He’s standing up on a stage, in front of a crowd of reporters. Cameras are going off and microphones are in the air. Wiz-Kid stands off to the side of the panel, visible between two men in suits.


CAPTION: “He loves to talk to the masses.”



Dragon is flying above a playground, waving down at kids who are pointing up at him. Small, plush Dragon dolls are falling from the sky to the children.


CAPTION: “He also never misses a marketing opportunity.”






Jerry is standing in front of Dragon who has his hand on his son’s shoulder.

CAPTION: “The day my dad told me I was going to be his sidekick was one of the best days of my life.”


CAPTION: “What a sick joke.”



Wiz-Kid is running on the rooftop of a building, trying to catch up with the Dragon.


CAPTION: “So now here I am, never saving the day.”



A woman stands on top of a building, laughing into the air while striking a pose. This is HOLY MATRIMONY II.


CAPTION: “Of course, I don’t think that’s what “The Dragon” has in mind for today. See, we’re after this smokin’ hot lady-villain that calls herself “Holy Matrimony II.” She’s constantly trying to get superheroes to marry her, so she causes all sorts of mayhem to get their attention.”








Dragon is swooping down onto the building that Holy is standing on.


CAPTION: “My parents are divorced, and my dad isn’t getting any younger, so every day is his mid-life crisis.”



The Dragon’s legs are in the foreground of the panel. You can see his fist out to the side. He’s posing, trying to seem cooler than he is. His cape is swaying beside him in the wind so we can see between his legs. Holy is in the background, staring him down and laughing at him.


CAPTION: “I don’t think he wants to settle down with Holy, but he definitely wants to get down with her. She’s not having it, though. To be honest with you, I’m not even sure if she actually has superpowers or not.”



Close-up on Holy. She’s a little flushed from laughing.


HOLY II 1: Are you kidding me? I want a superhero. Not a Mexican Peter Pan.



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by  Trevor Bivens


Here you will find the script pages and below basic character descriptions with preliminary

concept sketches. Interpret them in your own style, but keep in mind that the writer is one of the judges for the pencils.

All entries must be complete and turned in by 5-1-2012. Tight pencils are preferred.

Do not post work in progress anywhere. This will disqualify your entry.




Jerry Laker/Wiz-Kid

Jerry is the seventeen year old protagonist of the story. He is incredibly smart and loves to invent things. He starts off as fairly scrawny, living in his father’s shadow as his sidekick. Wiz-Kid is plagued by bad-luck by no fault of his own or supernatural means. Things just don’t always work out for him. As the story progresses and his confidence grows, his gadgets and physical prowess seem to improve as well, ending his brush with bad luck. After being fired, Jerry trains in more martial arts, exercising his body and going from scrawny to lean and muscular in the vein of Nightwing. Brown hair, blue eyes. Powerless.

The Dragon/Leonard Laker

Leonard is Jerry’s 44 year old father. He gained his powers during an altercation in Mexico, after participating in several lucha libre promotions. His wrestling persona seemingly perished as he moved back to the United States to begin his hero career. After meeting Judy and living in marital bliss for ten years, the two divorce and Leonard becomes a womanizing, glory-hounding hero. He takes Jerry under his wing, but due to constant problems, fires him. As his son’s hero career begins to flourish after breaking away from him, Leonard begins to try to outdo him with mishap after mishap. This causes Leonard to reflect back on himself and his relevancy into today’s day and age.

Dark, graying hair and blue eyes. He’s weak against water.


Jerry’s mom. She is 39. She is very supportive of her son and holds her own secrets to be revealed.

Brown hair and brown eyes.


Heather is the new girl at Jerry’s school. He confides in her. There is romantic tension between her and Jerry. She looks like she could possibly be Holy Matrimony, but she is not. This is a red herring. Red hair, green eyes.


The second Holy Matrimony is a 19 year old bombshell. Her nefarious plans are to make a superhero fall in love and marry her. She uses a ball and chain weapon. The metal ball contains explosives inside that have to be ignited, allowing the weapon to sustain impact without blowing up. She wears a large engagement ring that contains a different gas depending on her mood of the day. Sometimes she may wear a mask, sometimes she does not. Red hair, green eyes.


A former marine biologist with a specialty in robotics, Herman Starr’s grant money was pulled when it was discovered he was making and selling robot girlfriends with the funds. He struck out against his former employers with a suit of armor based around a starfish. He added mechanical lobster claws on the end which house water cannons.

He is a coward most of the time with the occasional boost of bravado that allows him to hold his own against The Dragon. He tends to escape more than you’d think he could. Dark hair and brown eyes. A little heavy set.